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Sean Nordquist


Descended from a long line of Scandinavians and Celts, from the blood of Vikings and pirates, it was no surprise that Sean followed a life of the sea, exploration, and discovery. He is an educator by vocation, and a writer and storyteller by nature. As the son of teachers on the sunny shores of Southern California, Sean was taught from a young age the importance of the natural world and imbued with a desire to protect it.


He has studied the environment and conservation alongside literature and writing, inspired by the works of Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey, Henry David Thoreau, and Hildegard von Bingen. Sean uses the power of story to convey the importance of stewardship, environmental and ocean literacy, and a sense of urgency towards marine protection and understanding. Getting people out under the open sky – and in and on the water – has the power to spark engagement and a connection that only first hand experience can inspire.

Now twenty years in Florida, the Pirate Viking is looking to that horizon again, relentless in his voyage to bring a love of the Big Blue to as many eyes and ears as he can by integrating science, education, and experience.

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